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Pirates Tea with ginger


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Pirates Tea with ginger


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This product is decaf tea combined "Eucommia ulmoides leaves" grown by agricultural chemical free farming in Innoshima island, Onomichi city, Hiroshima prefecture and neighboring islands, with only "ginger" certified as organic in Kagoshima prefecture. It was processed far-infrared roasting to be easy to drink like Houji tea. The flavor of ginger allows this tea to make you comfortable . Either drinking with hot water or cold water is recommended.

Contents: 24g(including teabags)


Ingredient: Eucommia ulmoides leaves, Ginger powder

Contents: 24g

Weight(g)(including packaging):42g

Place of origin: Japan

Serving instruction:

Put a teabag in a mug and pour 200~350ml of hot water. Adjust its strength 2 minutes later.

In the case of too strong, add hot water more.

When using a mug pot/a tea pot, take a tag of a teabag off before pouring hot water. Once pouring hot water, wait for 2 minutes. (Adjust the amount of teabags and hot water on your preference)


 · Be careful not to burn when boiling.

Finish as soon as possible once opened.

Storage instruction:  Avoid high temperature and humidity.

Item No. V04858999028

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