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Clam Shigure-ni 6 Cans


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Clam Shigure-ni 6 Cans


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Canned clams and ginger cooked with soy sauce in shigure-ni style. The savory flavor of clam broth and soy sauce will stimulate your appetite. Enjoy as a drinking snack or with rice.

Contents: total weight 80g, drained weight 55g (per can)
Country of origin: Japan
How to enjoy: Enjoy directly after opening. (Easy-open can.)
-Be careful not to cut hands on can edges.
-Expiration period is when stored unopened. Consume promptly after opening, regardless of expiration date.
-Transfer to another container before heating.
Storage: Store at room temperature. Avoid high heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.  
Manufacturer: Kyokuyo Corporation.

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  ・ Japan

Item No. V03630999028

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