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K & K Hokkaido Smoked Whelk in Oil


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K & K (Koandokke)


K & K Hokkaido Smoked Whelk in Oil


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"Cantsuma" is a fun and delicious snack. Canned whelks from Hokkaido, smoked with cherry wood chips. Its chewy and rich taste is perfect for sake.
■Ingredients: ayabora, soybean oil, salt, refined sake

■Contents: 35g 
■Made in Japan 
■Serving Instructions: Open the can and consume as it is. 
■Please note: 
*Keep this label as the cans are not labeled.

*There are small shells in the can on rare occasion. Please do not eat them.
*Open carefully as the edge of the can is sharp. 
*When heating, transfer to a different container.
*Consume as soon as possible once opened. Transfer any leftover to glass containers.

■Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature. 
■Manufacturer: Kokubun Co., Ltd. 

■Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

Canned food

Item No. V01102999028
Jan: 4901592913203

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