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Kyara Kokoh Incense Medium 1 Bundle Paulownia Box


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Umehwodo Co., Ltd.


Kyara Kokoh Incense Medium 1 Bundle Paulownia Box


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The “Kyara Kokoh” is a premium quality incense stick, with the graceful note of Kyra.  Comes in a classy paulownia box. 

■ Size details:approx. 16.3cm

■ Weight [g]:approx. 10

■ Weight (including packing) [g]:approx. 53

■ Ingredients: Kyara, Vietnamese Agaricus, Indian sandalwood, camphor, cloves, Machilus etc 

■ Made in Sakai, Osaka 

■ Brand: BAIEIDO 

■ Precautions: Always use in a nonflammable burner or container. Keep away from small children. Do not use for purposes other than enjoying fragrance or in Buddhist rituals. Do not leave the heat unaccompanied. 

Item No. V02873999028
Jan: 4549937005680

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