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Lacquerware Mirror (Fuji and Sakura; comes with stand)


4993421909228 In Stock V03969999028
Yamanaka lacquer ware Yamanaka


Lacquerware Mirror (Fuji and Sakura; comes with stand)


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A mirror with one of Japan’s most well known Ukiyoe paintings, “Fuji and Sakura.” The combination of Japan’s highest mountain and symbolic plant is popular around the world. A beautiful piece, even when it is just standing  on a shelf. Makes a great gift. 

[Ishikawa Yamanaka Lacquerware] Yamanaka Lacquerware was one of the first to actively incorporate synthetic materials into traditional craftwork. The outcome we have today is practical, useful, and playful synthetic (modern) lacquerware using urethane paint. 

■ Size Details: 265x143x18mm

■ Weight: 123g

■ Weight (including packaging): 221g

■ Materials: ABS resin (urethane paint)

■ Made in Ishikawa

■ Brand: Maeju Lacquerware

■ Precautions:  *Do not soak in water for extended periods of time

Item No. V03969999028
Jan: 4993421909228

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