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Ceramic Sunny-side-up Cooker (with lid; Iga-yaki · brown)

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Saji pottery


Ceramic Sunny-side-up Cooker (with lid; Iga-yaki · brown)


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A ceramic pan that you can bring straight to the table. It is great for busy mornings and the relaxed weekend brunches. Cook up some eggs, bacon and sausage on this pan and you are sure to have a fun time!


■ Size Details(cm): W 10.5xL 14.5 x H 5 cm

■ Weight: 250g

■ Weight (including packaging): 365g

■ Materials: Pottery

■ Made in Mie Prefecture 

■ Brand: Saji Pottery 

■ Precautions:   *Can be used on open heat, microwave, oven, and dish washer  *Do not use on IH products *Do not put on heat while wet *Do not hold with barehands when it is hot. *The spoon in the picture is not part of the product 

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V03985999028

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Ceramic Sunny-side-up Cooker (with lid; Iga-yaki · brown) 2

Post date 10/12/2018 Monday
呎吋不符,底部只有5.5cm, 煎半隻蛋都不夠,是玩具吧,太過份!可以退貨嗎?

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