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Outerwear, Tops

Hawaiian Shirt Japanese Pattern (Annual Phlox/Ivory &  Celadon)


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Hidaji Studio

Outerwear, Tops

Hawaiian Shirt Japanese Pattern (Annual Phlox/Ivory &  Celadon)


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Kyoto is said to be a place of "Kidaore" which means people spend a lot of money on their fine clothing.

Skillful craftsmen to whom the tradition of Japanese clothing has been passed down for generations,

used a special technique into this particular Hawaiian shirt with Japanese pattern.

The sizes are unisex and you can  enjoy matching outfits with your partner!


Product Details

1: Used custom-made cotton crepe fabric which is made with high-quality yarn.

2: Leno cloth (Monsha) has a soft texture and great airflow.

The dye pattern elegantly appears on the rough surface.

3: Used traditional method hand printing "Tenasen".

A screen with a pattern is laid on the fabric. Craftsmen carefully hand-painted with 1 color per screen.

4: The stitching is very detailed. The pattern on the chest pocket matches with the body pattern.

There is a back seam which is just like a traditional Japanese summer kimono.

5: Original patterns, which are made with an inspiration of classical patterns,

are very unique and retro-modern styles.


Color Ivory & Celadon

Size: S/M/L

Size Details:

Size S M L
Length(cm) 59 68 73
Width(cm) 49 57 60
 Shoulder Width(cm) 37 43 46
Sleeve Length(cm) 18 25 26.5

Materials: 100% Cotton

Place of origin: Kyoto

■Brand's Name: hideya koubou  TENASEN ALOHA

■Manufacturer:  hideya koubou

Weight(g) (item only): 220

Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 230

Handling Cautions:

Machine Washable (use a laundry net)

Please wash it by itself to prevent from having color transferring.

Do not use detergent for the first time, but just wash with water.

Twisted yarns are used to bring out the texture of the fabric.

If they get wet, they temporarily shrink.

Miscellaneous: Please note that the patterns may vary depending on the part of the cut. 

Item No. V04953XXX028

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