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Hat, Cap

[tocit] Paper Braid Bowler Hat / Logwood


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Hat, Cap

[tocit] Paper Braid Bowler Hat / Logwood


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Round bowler style with small brim.

The crown is crossed to create a shadow, for a simple design with presence.


Stick a wildflower or twig into the hat pin like a single-flower vase.

May be hung on wall using hook at rear of brim.


*Both the hat and the hat pin are individually hand-made, so color and shape may differ slightly from photos.

*Limited inventory. 


■ Material: 80% non-designated fiber (paper), 20% polyester

■ Size Details: head circumference: 57.5 cm

(adjustable down to -2 cm) Brim: 5.5 cm

■ Weight (g) (product only): 125 g

■ Weight (g) (including packaging): 445 g

■ Made in Japan: *Japanese paper made in Shizuoka is braided into tape in Taiwan, 

then the material is Kusaki-zome dyed (logwood) in Kyoto, and the hat is sewn in Onomichi.

■ Brand: tocit



・Special material and design - do not wash, as product may lose its shape. 

・Color may fade due to water, rain, sweat, friction, etc. 

・Hat pin and back hook contain brass. Individuals with allergies should make sure not to touch directly. 


Usually, people put on a hat when they go out, and shove it back into the closet when they get home.

Not anymore! Display these hats as part of your interior decoration.

Why not choose which hat to display based on your mood or room,

just like you decide which hat to wear based on the season or your outfit?

We designed these hats with a hook on the back to let you hang them up to make hat storage effortless,

and because we want you to enjoy your hats even when you're not wearing them. 

We also design new hat pins for each season.

Our hat pins are designed as vases for you to enjoy decorating them with plants just like a single-flower vase. 


Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto

Item No. V04112999028

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