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  9. Tenigui Mt. Fuji, Hawk, and Eggplant


Tenigui Mt. Fuji, Hawk, and Eggplant


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Tenigui Mt. Fuji, Hawk, and Eggplant


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One of the old Japanese proverbs says that seeing 'Mt Fuji, a hawk or an eggplant' in a very first dream of a new year brings luck. Fuji is the largest mountain in Japan, hawk is the majestic king of birds, and '茄子 - nasu' ('eggplant' in Japanese) has the same pronunciation as '成す -nasu' ('to achieve' in Japanese).

Materials: 100% cotton 
Size: 35 x 90cm 
Weight (g)(item only): 35 
Weight (g)(including packaging materials): 38 
Made in Kyoto Prefecture 
Brand Name: Hanaichimatsu 
Handling Precautions:
Hand-wash individually to avoid colour transfer.
Cannot be washed in washing machine. Gently hand-wash with a water temperature of 30°C.
Refrain from using chlorine bleach.
Iron at a medium temperature (140-160°) with a limit of 160°. 
Cannot be dry-cleaned.
All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.
Should the item be out of stock, manufacture will take place after an order placement. Depending on the item, delivery may delay. 

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Item No. V00982999028
Jan: 4571465461263

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