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Tote bags

[terihaeru] Tote Bag / Jewelry


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Tote bags

[terihaeru] Tote Bag / Jewelry


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Imagining one of the most valuable gemstones, emerald, this pouch was created featuring
green cut floats of wool on the blue textile. It is fun to the touch and offers a playful look.
With a strong fabric construction, it is great for daily use. 
This A4 size tote bag is versatile and easy to use.

terihaeru's items are made with characteristic cute and expressive textiles and they are meticulously
designed to maximize each item's functionality.

The handle is made rather large to make the pouch easy to carry.
terihaeru's textiles are woven using the Schönherr loom, which is a traditional loom developed in Japan 
modeling the ones created by Schönherr, the textile machinery company in Germany.

The Schönherr loom is a traditional shuttle loom that weaves slower than the modern looming machines, 
making it more time consuming and complex to produce textiles.

However, the painstaking process of using the Schönherr loom achieves to produce aesthetically beautiful 
fabrics that are unmatched by other fabrics made by the modern looming machines.

■Size: 30cm x 30cm  Handle Length: 50cm
■Material: 53% Nylon, 33% Cotton, 14% Wool
■Made in Aichi
■Brand: terihaeru
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 120
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 130
・Dry cleaning recommended.
・Do not use iron on the product.

Item No. V05849999028

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