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Best Products in Japan from bullet train Travel Sewing Set / Hiroshima Needles


In Stock V00606999028
JR West Japan Foodservice Net


Best Products in Japan from bullet train Travel Sewing Set / Hiroshima Needles


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“‘Hashiru Nihon-ichi’ Original Product”

‘Hashiru Nihon-ichi’ is a collaboration project by West Japan Railway and local producers. The products are sold on Sanyo Shinkansen trains (Shin Osaka Sta. – Hakata Sta.).

Hiroshima has been the centre of hand sewing needle production for over 300 years. Ones produced in Aki Ota town are called 'Hiroshima Needles'. Sewing kit with Kurashiki Hanpu's original case.

■Materials: [Case] 100% cotton, [0.71 x 45.5mm] x 1, [(0.56 x 39.4mm)] x 1,? [Maple Dress Pin] x 2, [Threader] x 1, [Mini Scissors] x 1, [Spool] x 1, [Felt Ball] x 1
■Size: 8 x 7cm
■Weight (g) (item only): 13
■Weight (g) (including packaging material): 17
■Made in Japan
■Brand Name: Tulip Co., Ltd.
■Brand Name: Hashiru Nippon-Ichi
■Handling Precautions:
*Be careful not to injure yourself with the needles.
*Keep out of reach of small children.
■Other: Kindly understand that stock is limited.


Item No. V00606999028

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