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Float Lemon Tea (Cold/Hot Brew)


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Float Lemon Tea (Cold/Hot Brew)


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Popular Float Lemon Tea brings you a fun and relaxing tea time.

Just prepare cold or room temperature water and steep the tea leaves carefully selected
at the Tsukigase Kenko Chaen tea farm in Nara for three hours and you'll have a fresh tea with
a smooth and refreshing taste.

Cold-brewing releases fewer catechins and tannins, resulting in a milder flavor.
Garnish with a dried lemon slice for an extra refreshing flavor.

You can put the dried lemon slices in the teapot when steeping (the tea might turn out
light in color).

One tea bag can make 500ml, which is perfect for sharing with your friends and family. 

■Content: 10 servings (Tea Bag x 5, Dried Lemon Slices x 10)
■Ingredients: Tea, Lemon 
■Weight (Including Packaging): 80g
■Made in Yamaguchi
■Place of Origin:【Tea】Nara【Lemon】Hiroshima
■How to serve:
【Cold-Brew Tea】
1. Put a tea bag in a teapot and pour 500ml of water.  
2. Steep for over 3 hours, remove the tea bag.
3. Transfer to glasses, put the dried lemon slice in each glass and serve.
*You can add the dried lemon slices when steeping but the tea will turn out light in color. 
*Steeping overnight in the refrigerator can make the tea more refined and refreshing in taste. 
【Hot-Brew Tea】
1.Put a tea bag in a teapot and pour 500ml of hot water. 
2.Steep for about 2 minutes, remove the tea bag.
3.Transfer to cups, put the dried lemon slice in each cup and serve.
*Adjust the steeping time to your liking. 
■Note: Avoid direct sunlight, high humidity/temperature.
■Storage: Store at room temperature. 
■Manufacturer: Mitsuura-Jozo Co., LTD. 

Item No. V05528999028
Jan: 4993586885108

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