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Horse Oil Hair Conditioner 240g - Tabibijin


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Horse Oil Hair Conditioner 240g - Tabibijin


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The horse oil and 3 vegetable oils (olive oil, jojoba oil, and camellia oil) in this hair conditioner have high moisturizing effects, keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. Great for those who have hair issues, or who feel dissatisfied with normal hair conditioners.

■ Size details (mm): 195 x 80 x 40 

■ Weight (including packing) [g]: 271

■ Ingredients: water, myristyl alcohol, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, dimethylstearamine, behenyl alcohol, diisobutyl adipate, lactic acid, olive oil, shea butter, myristic acid, hexyl decanol, jojoba oil, camellia oil, horse oil, betaine, PCA Laureth-2, laureth-21, perfume, yellow 4, black 401, red 504 (methyl paraben), methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, laureth-2, laureth-21, aroma, yellow4, black401, red504

■ Origin: Japan 

■ Brand name: Tabibijin

■ Precautions: (How to use) After shampooing the hair, take an appropriate amount of product and spread it on the hair. Leave for a while and rinse off. 

● Stop use if it does not fit your skin. 

● If it enters the eyes, rinse immediately with clean water

● Keep out of the reach of small children 

● Do not use if there are any scars, swelling, swelling, eczema or other abnormalities on the skin

● If any abnormalities such as irritation appear during or after use, stop use immediately and seek for specialist’s advice. 

● Keep away from heat and direct sunlight

■ Other: The horse oil will sink into your damaged hair and make it strong and moisturized. Includes amino acid (moisturizing ingredient), as well as vegetable oils including olive oil, jojoba oil, and camellia oil.

Item No. V03552999028
Jan: 4528428131732

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