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  9. Masaki Bunko-yaki Tea pot (1.5-go nakamaru)


Masaki Bunko-yaki Tea pot (1.5-go nakamaru)


In Stock V03986999028
Saji pottery


Masaki Bunko-yaki Tea pot (1.5-go nakamaru)


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A tea pot made by traditional pottery craftsman Tachi Masaki. The step-by-step processes of brewing Japanese tea is full of the Japanese idea of valuing gratitude and tradition. This tea pot is perfect for spending time with someone special. 


■ Size Details(cm): Diameter 9.5 x H 7.5 cm

■ Weight: 250g

■ Weight (including packaging): 285g

■ Materials: Pottery

■ Made in Mie Prefecture 

■ Brand: Saji Pottery 

■ Precautions:   *Do not use over open fire, microwave, oven, dish washer, or IH products 

Item No. V03986999028

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