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  9. Inshu Washi Oil Blotting Papers (50 sheets)


Inshu Washi Oil Blotting Papers (50 sheets)


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Inshu Washi Oil Blotting Papers (50 sheets)


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This blotting paper is natural and skin friendly. The inshu paper contains a large amount of bamboo fiber, effectively taking away the oils from your face. It is completely free of artificial additives and is not chemically processed. It is soft and eco-friendly, and will take away sweat and oil to make your face feel refreshed. This product is processed with our original technique (Patent granted)

■ Size details: Width: 140 mm Height: 70 mm 

■ Weight (item only) [g]: 22.5 

■ Materials: Inshu Japanese paper (containing bamboo fiber) 

■ Producing area: Tottori prefecture 

■ Brand name: Inshu Japanese paper 

■ Precautions: Avoid contact with water and humidity. 

■ How to use: Tap the face with this paper when your face feels sticky or before reapplying makeup. Do not rub the face strongly.

Item No. V01629999028

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