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Kenchakan Japanese Tea Leaves Hojicha (30 teabags)


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Kenchakan Japanese Tea Leaves Hojicha (30 teabags)


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100% domestically-grown tea. This roasted stem tea, brings out the unique toasty flavor of stems while preserving the richness of tea.   

The tea brings out three distinct flavors depending on how it is served.  Enjoy the different tastes all year long. The bag is made with unbleached paper.  After enjoying, just dump the bag into the garbage can -  super easy.  

[Description of Flavors]

Brewed in the teapot:  Aromatic and rich

Brewed by boiling: Refreshing and smooth

Cold brew:  The unique combination of the toasty flavor and sweetness of stems

■ Contents : 5g x 30

■ Country of origin: Japan

■ How to drink

Using a tea pot: (1) Put one teabag and hot water in the tea pot, and leave for  2 minutes. Serve in a teacup. A teabag can be used 2-3 times. 

Using a pot: (1) Put one teabag into 1L of boiling water. Turn the heat off and take the teabag out after 5 minutes of boiling. Transfer into a container and cool in the fridge. It also tastes good warm (be careful when giving to infants). Consume the tea as soon as possible. 

Using cold water: (1) Put one teabag and 0.8L of cold water in a container and cool in the fridge for 1-2 hours (2) When the tea becomes your preferred taste, shake the container well and take out the teabag (consume the tea within a day). 

■ Precautions: Beware of burns when making tea. Do not worry if a film of oil floats up; this is a natural mineral of tea. 

■ Storing: Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity. 

■ Manufacturer: Kaji store

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V01530999028

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