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  7. Kimono hair tie (2) bluish colors


Kimono hair tie (2) bluish colors


In Stock V03821999028
WATALIS Corporation


Kimono hair tie (2) bluish colors


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Pop and retro-modern hair accessories that are sure to make your day more fun. There is a saying that goes, “you shouldn’t throw away any piece of cloth that is big enough to wrap three beans.” We decided to follow this saying and made accessories out of used kimono cloth. 


■ Size details: Buttons: 3.8cm and 2.2cm diameter, 2.7cm and 1.8cm diameter. Hair band: 5cm diameter (18cm circumference)

■ Weight: 12g 

■ Weight (including packaging): 20g

■ Materials: kimono cloth (unspecified material) 

■ Made in Watari-cho, Miyagi prefecture

■ Brand: WATALIS

■ Precautions:  *The kimono cloth has been inspected thoroughly and remade into cloth after being washed and processed. *Most of the reused kimonos do not have tags; therefore it is usually difficult to specify exactly what material it is made out of. *Depending on the material, the cloth may shrink or loose color when it is wet; be careful when handling.

Item No. V03821999028

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