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Body care

Cherry Blossom Aroma Proteoglycan Hand & Body Cream


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Body care

Cherry Blossom Aroma Proteoglycan Hand & Body Cream


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Happy feeling with fragrant aroma


This cream contains proteoglycan as well as honey of the cherry tree and shea butter, and it moisturizes your skin. Blending essences such as lavender, geranium, and marjoram leaf are organic, and make you relaxed with the scent of sweetness. You can keep it in your purse at all times and re-apply as needed. You may also apply before you go to bed, so that you can have a relaxed time.


Aomori Proteoglycan is made from Natural salmon and an idea of local people.

Even though Proteoglycan had been remarked for a while, it was hard to be extracted, and also was expensive and rare which the cost to produce was 30 million yen/g. However, the research group of Hirosaki University (Hirosaki city, Aomori Pref.)  developed an easy method of extraction of proteoglycan efficiently from salmon's nasal cartilage. Because of the method, they have produced proteoglycan with the cost of 1/100 as before and they became successfully apply for food and cosmetics. In fact, how they hit upon the method was from the local specialty of Aomori prefecture "Hizu Namasu." As they had a hint from making "Hizu Namasu" which is marinated in vinegar to soften the head of salmon, they had made dramatic progress. Edible acetic acid and alcohol are only used to extract Aomori Proteoglycan.



・Ingredients: water, macadamia nut oil, BG, Glycerin, Shea fat, polyacrylamide, honey, water-soluble proteoglycan, royal jelly extract, purple root extract, lavender oil, rosewood tree oil, geranium oil, chamomile flower oil, sweet marjoram leaf oil, hydrogenation polyisobutene, bamboo pipe-stemless-7, ethanol, phenoxyethanol, red102, purple401


・Volume (only product): 35g


・Weight (incl. packaging): 40g


・Manufacturing Place: Japan


・How to use: Apply it  wherever you feel dryness including your hands, nails, neck, and legs.


・Amount to use (for one time): appropriate amount


・Name of the product: Cherry Blossom Aroma Proteoglycan Hand & Body Cream


Item No. 699172999128

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