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Body care

[Hiroshima]SHAQUDA SUVÉ Body Brush Short Hard


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Body care

[Hiroshima]SHAQUDA SUVÉ Body Brush Short Hard


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Pamper yourself with SUVÉ's high-quality body brush.

Kumano Fude, the high-quality brushes handmade by craftsmen using a traditional technique
now meet the sophisticated modern design in the new and innovative brand, "SHAQUDA".

The hard brush (short) from SHAQUDA's brushing skin care line, "SUVÉ", uses pig and goat hair
along with synthetic hair and they are mixed with a perfect ratio to thoroughly buff the skin.
It also helps remove built-up dirt and excess oil.

Soak the bristles with water and soap, gently massage the skin in circular motions.
This short version is the size of a palm, which is perfect for dry-brushing and foot care.

■Size:【Brush】W5.3 x D6 x H4.8cm【Package】W6.8 x D8.2 x H6.3cm
*The set comes in an original packaging box. 
■Material:【Bristle】Pig Hair, Goat Hair, Synthetic Hair (PBT Resin) 【Handle】Natural Wood (Walnut)  【Ferrule】Aluminum 
■Made in Hiroshima
■Manufacturer: MIZUHO CO., LTD. 
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 70
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 100

Item No. V05829999028
Jan: 4560360502935

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