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GETALS - Size 25


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Sagano and


GETALS - Size 25


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GETALS (design rights registered and trademarked) are designed to embody
a perfect combination of Japanese geta and western sandals (flip-flops).

The sole is made of "Tounou Hinoki (Hinoki cypress)",
which is a signature material of Gifu prefecture.

Hanao, the cloth straps sperate toes, which is said to stimulate blood vessels,
so it will be very appealing for those who are health conscious,

East meets west, the novel and unique design of GETAL 
has a futuristic look and is one step ahead of other footwear.

[Size Guide]
*These are for those who wear size 24 - 25.5 shoes.
■Size Details: Size 25(approx. W10.7 cm/L24 cm/Heel 3.5 cm)
■Weight (product only) [g] : 450
■Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 630
【Geta】Tounou Hinoki【Strap】Polyester【Outsole】Vulcanized Rubber
■Made in Gifu
■Brand: GETALS (Trademarked)
Geta is made of "Tounou Hinoki" and has a slightly curved surface.
Avoid getting in contact with water since it might affect the quality
or the shape of Hinoki.

Item No. V01257999028

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