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  9. Ceramic Pot for Grilled Mandarin Oranges


Ceramic Pot for Grilled Mandarin Oranges


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Saji pottery


Ceramic Pot for Grilled Mandarin Oranges


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Mandarin oranges are the Japanese people’s favorite fruit during the winter time. It is especially good when it is cooked into “Yaki-mikan” (grilled orange). Grilled orange has been loved all through the country for centuries. When grilled, the high antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin C and β cryptoxanthin that are contained in the skin, effectively soak into the meat of of the orange. This makes it more nutritious, making the body more warm, healthy and even beautiful.

This container makes it easy to cook grilled oranges. It has a nickname "Grandma's grilled orange". The cute pot was designed in Mihama city, Wakayama, where mandarine oranges are grown all year long. To use it, simply put an orange inside, place the lid, and warm for just 15 minutes. Open the lid and you will find an orange with condensed taste and nutrition, that will fill your body and heart with warmth. The fragrant smell of the skin will also fill the room. Have fun cooking!



■ Size Details(cm):【Pot】Diameter 11.5, H 11, 【Plate】Diameter 13.5, H 2

■ Weight: 670g

■ Weight (including packaging): 770g

■ Materials: Pottery

■ Made in Mie Prefecture 

■ Brand: Saji Pottery 

■ Precautions:   *Can be used on open heat, microwave, oven, and dish washer  *Do not use on IH products *Do not put on heat while wet *Do not hold with barehands when it is hot.  *To make it stable, use a gridiron on a top of the stove 

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Item No. V03983999028

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