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Small size canned cod roe


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Small size canned cod roe


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A small sized canned cod roe, which has been produced since the Taisho era. Carefully selected giant codfish roe are cooked in a secret sauce using Kanazawa Ono soy sauce. The sweet flavor based on soy sauce gives a nostalgic flavor and is loved by all ages. It suits perfectly with rice or alcoholic beverages. 

This is a Hokuriku local food which is only available in the three prefectures of the Hokuriku area (Ishikawa, Fukui, and Toyama).

■Content: 50g
■Made in Japan
■How to serve: Eat it as it is or heat the product after transferring it to a heatproof dish.[How to open the lid] Place your thumb on the lid and pull it up using your index finger.
- Beware of cuts when opening the lid. The lid can be opened by pulling it up vertically.
- It cannot be heated on direct fire or in the microwave, as there is a possibility of bursting.
■Storing: After opening, please finish as soon as possible. When there are leftovers, please transfer them to a separate dish and store it in a refrigerator and finish as soon as possible.
■Manufacturer: Kanazawa Fukura Sign

October A delicious pleasure on a ultramarine night


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Item No. V01846999028
Jan: 4973276100032

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