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Osaka no Koibito


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Nagatoya Corporation


Osaka no Koibito


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Crispy Langue de Chat cookies filled with white chocolate. Makes the great gift. 

■ Ingredients: sugar, flour, egg white, margarine, cocoa butter, whole powdered milk, vegetable oil and fat, condensed milk powder, lemon juice, skimmed milk powder, salt, fragrance, emulsifier, antioxidant (VE), coloring (carotene) (some ingredients including egg, soybeans) 

■ Contents: 12 pieces 

■ Country of Origin: Japan 

■ How to eat: The expiration date indicates the deadline for when the product is unopened. Once opened, eat as soon as possible regardless of expiration date.

■ Precautions: When heated to 28 ℃, the fats and oils in the chocolate will start to melt, possibly lowering the quality of the product. The baking color may vary from product to product, but there is problem in the  quality of the product. The cookies may break if excessive force is applied on the box. 

■ Storing: Store at cool dry place, avoiding direct sunlight 

■ Manufacturer: Nagatoya Corporation

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Item No. V01957999028
Jan: 4984152124004

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