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  7. Clam rice mix (for two cups of rice)


Clam rice mix (for two cups of rice)


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Treasure food


Clam rice mix (for two cups of rice)


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Clam rice mix with the deep taste of kombu kelp and clams. The secret ingredient is special kombu kelp extract, which adds the rich fragrance. Add your favorite ingredients (carrots, thin fried tofu, konnyaku, etc.) for a even more authentic taste. The ingredients are precooked so just throw it in the rice cooker with rice!! An easy but authentic recipe for a busy day.


■Ingredients: Clams, rice brewed seasoning, soy sauce, sugar, bonito extract, salt, kelp extract/seasoning (amino acids etc.), (contains soy, wheat)

■Content: 230g

■Content (including packaging): 275g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: Rinse 2 go-cups (approx. 300g) of rice and drain water. Put the rice, and one bag of this product into the rice cooker. Add the adequate amount of water for 2 go-cups of rice. Mix lightly and cook the rice as usual. Leave for 10 minutes when it is done, before opening the lid. 


・Once opened, finish the whole bag at once.

・Crabs may be seen inside of the shells.

■Storing: Store at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight

■Manufacturer: Takara Shokuhin, Co.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V03214999028
Jan: 4904768122294

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