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Seasoning, Spices

Enzyme Farming - Beets Powder


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Seasoning, Spices

Enzyme Farming - Beets Powder


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Beets powder packed with umami and nutrients!

With the main theme of "Nutritious organic produce that promotes a healthy diet",
EG Farm (Eco Green Farm) has been providing a wide variety of fresh organic produce.

The beets are grown through enzyme-farming, which is the latest method that utilizes 
microbes and enzymes to enhance the soil and fend off insects instead of using synthetic pesticides 
or agricultural chemicals and they are processed and dried right after harvest to maintain freshness.

The produce farmed with enzyme, free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides contain
more umami and nutrients making them your powerful ally in improving your health.
It'll be a great addition to your diet especially if it's lacking vegetables!

This powder is very versatile, you can mix with milk or add in the soup, risotto or
you can use it as a natural food coloring in baking. 
It can also be used as liquid food supplements for the infants/elderly.

*Certified "Osakamon" product
"Osakamon" products are certified by the Prefectural government of Osaka 
ranging from Osaka's agricultural, forestry/fishery products to souvenirs that represent Osaka.

■Content: Beets Powder 100g (equivalent to 2 beets) 
■Ingredient: Beets
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 120
■Made in Osaka, Japan
■Caution: Consume as soon as possible once opened. Use room-temperature water when mixing.
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature/humidity.
■Manufacturer: EIWA Sangyo Co., Ltd. EG Farm

Item No. V05808999028

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